Urban Rebuilders

We are a full service general contractor specializing in residential remodeling, urban infill housing, weatherization, and adaptive re-use. We serve the urban core and first ring suburb neighborhoods of the Twin Cities.

Fresh houses, refreshed neighborhoods. Responsive service. And your neighbors will love us! Call today — 612.259.7752

Urban Rebuilders



To help you hatch designs to make
your home and neighborhood more beautiful, healthy, efficient, and enduring.


Impeccable craftsmanship
Outstanding customer service
Personable staff
Trusted sub-contractors
A versatile project range
An eco-friendly approach
Willingness to create new
    or work with existing designs


Architects we’ve worked with include:
James Dayton Design
Sala Architecture
Shelter Architecture


Residential Remodeling: Habits and spaces butting heads? We’ll help you create beauty and flow in your kitchen, bathroom, addition, or whole house.
Weatherization: Have you had an energy audit but failed to fully act upon it? We’ll take you beyond the audit with a comprehensive structural, mechanical, and behavioral assessment of your home and offer a “Master Plan” whereby Audit = Accountability = Action.
Urban Infill: Promising lot? Rundown house? We’ll help you re-build from the ground up.
Adaptive Re-use: Faded commercial space with untold potential for a new generation? We’ll help you build out your studio, home, café, enclave, dream.


Jay Stills
Jay Stills

Sheff Otis
Sheff Otis